Held For Us

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“Held For Us”

I believe with all of my heart that Christ holds our children when we cannot. Whether it be in Heaven while we are waiting for them to come to earth, or while we are waiting on earth to see them again in Heaven.
He holds them close.
And he does not let them go until we can have them back in our arms.
Because he lived, died, and rose from the tomb so that, in the end, we would never have to let our children go again.
Megan Lindsey, 2021


All art prints are printed on high quality, 100% cotton paper. It has a patterned texture with a similar look and feel to watercolor paper.

This special paper has a delicate surface that is less resistant to scratches and scuffs than other fine art surfaces. Loose or mounted, these prints must be handled with extra care.

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