“Every Mother”


I wish I could paint every mother. 
Capture every tear. Every loss. Every laugh. 
The joy. The pain. The sorrow. The grief. The smiles. 
The hugs. The late night snuggles. The feeding struggles.

But I can’t capture it all. Because the journey to motherhood and as a mother is all of these things and ten thousand more. Instead I can tell you that I see you, hear you and am so proud of you. 

And that there is a Mother in Heaven who sees you, hears you, and is so loves you because she did this all before. 


Our art prints are printed on high quality fine art paper, made to resist damage from regular age and wear. We recommend framing your prints to ensure they last longer. (Plus, a framed print will make your space look even lovelier than it does now!) 

Smaller prints up to 11x14 inches are mailed to you in a snug rigid flat mailer. Prints larger than 11x14 inches are rolled and sent in a mailing tube. 

Please allow up to 5 business days for processing and up to 7 business days for shipping on top of that. (You may very well receive your prints before then!)