Born of Light


“Born of Light”

Born of light, we are sent to our earthly mother’s arms where we begin our journey back to the arms of our Mother in Heaven.

And our mothers hold us. They cradles us. They lift us up to light. And we feel the warmth. The heat of the sun. The breath of the wind.

And as we grow, the words of our mothers echo in our ears. “You are a child of light.”

And like sunflowers we turn - turn our heads to the heavens where our first Mother lives. And we hear her voice. We feel her warmth. And we bask in her light.

For in our Mothers’ arms, we will always be home.
Megan Lindsey, 2021


All art prints are printed on high quality, 100% cotton paper. It has a patterned texture with a similar look and feel to watercolor paper.

This special paper has a delicate surface that is less resistant to scratches and scuffs than other fine art surfaces. Loose or mounted, these prints must be handled with extra care.

We print to order and send away for our prints, so please allow at least 10 business days before you receive your order.