I often think of what Mary thought that night.

The night she entered Bethlehem. 

The night she would give birth to the Son of God. 

Was she afraid? Probably. 

Was she nervous? Most likely. 

She was a teenager, in an unfamiliar city, surrounded by animals in a stranger's stable, with Joseph, to whom she was newly married. And on top of all of that, she was about to give birth. She had every reason to feel stressed and frightened and alone. 

But she still went in.

And she did what she was asked to do. 

So next time I am faced with my "Bethlehem," I will think of Mary. The girl who faced a difficult challenge and faced it with grace.

And I will forever be grateful to her for entering Bethlehem that night. Because of her courage, the Savior entered the world. And because of Him, my life has been changed for the good.