“After Eden”

After Eden, life went on. 
One could even say that it was after Eden that life began. 
It was after Eden that Eve bore her babies under the harsh, hot sun. The same sun that warmed them as they obeyed the commandment to til the earth. 
It was after Eden when Eve raised her babies - fed them, nourished them, taught them, sang to them.
It was after Eden that Eve grew close to her husband, got to know him, worked with him, learned with him, loved him. 
It was only after Eden that Eve felt the joy of being a mother, the pain of losing a child. 
The garden may have been wonderful - perfect even. But it was only after Eden that Eve could really live. 
And so she chose. And so she lived. 

“Every Mother”

I wish I could paint every mother. 
Capture every tear. Every loss. Every laugh. 
The joy. The pain. The sorrow. The grief. The smiles. 
The hugs. The late night snuggles. The feeding struggles.

But I can’t capture it all. Because the journey to motherhood and as a mother is all of these things and ten thousand more. Instead I can tell you that I see you, hear you and am so proud of you. 

And that there is a Mother in Heaven who sees you, hears you, and is so loves you because she did this all before. 

About the artist

My name is Megan Lindsey and I am the artist behind Hues and Blues.